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Tony Lama Western Boots

Tony Lama Cowboy Boots Early History

Tony Lama was born of Italian parents that immigrated here in 1887. He began learning the boot maker's trade at 11 years of age as an apprentice boot maker. Later enlisting in the U.S. Cavalry and applied his trade as a cobbler stationed in Texas at Fort Bliss. Completing his U.S. Cavalry enlistment in 1911 he remained in Texas at El Paso, where he owned a small boot repair business. However soon his handmade cowboy boots came into popular demand, The first year in business along with a single employee, he sold 20 pair of finely handcrafted western boots.

By 1930, outdoor stores and began asking for Tony Lama's handmade western boots. To meet the building demand for Tony Lama boot sales, Tony had to developed boot building methods to produce larger quantities of handmade boots. Within the next 20 years. All six of Tony Lama's children became involved in seeing that the business became a most successful business.

In mid 1940's, Joseph "Bert" Lama, built a handcrafted special custom pair of Tony Lama boots to Harry Truman. Inlaid with both gold and silver and the handle of "El Presidente,". By the  1950's, the Tony Lama boot sales nationally.

In 1961, after 50 yrs in business and the 1st store opening, the Tony Lama Boot company acquired new and larger buildings and produced making 750 pairs of Tony Lama cowboy boots per day.

Tony Lama Cowboy Boots

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